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    Deciding on a new kitchen is no mean feat, especially when current design trends and the latest whizz-bang gadgets can seduce you into decisions that may not only be impractical but also place an unnecessary strain on your bank balance. Apart from the obvious financial investment a kitchen is no longer just a room where cooking is done, but is the epicentre of a home, the most utilised space, regardless of individual culinary skills and un-domestic goddess prowess. It is also often the selling point of a house, the most memorable space (although not necessarily for the right reasons!). Before even considering materials, design, colours etc – ‘Do it once, do it right’ was uppermost and I had no hesitation when deciding to employ the services of a professional designer who would also have knowledge of a skilled cabinet-maker. This task can be somewhat Sisyphean – it is not as simple as ‘letting your fingers do the walking’ or spending hours trawling through internet sites, reading customer testimonials and clicking on screeds of before/after photos. Having already endured the trials and tribulations of not one but two new kitchens in the same house – of the cheap and cheerful variety I may add, this third and final refit was to be the crème de la crème and therefore demanded more professional input than my limited time and experience allowed.

    Thankfully my search went no further than InsideOut Design. I have known of and used Lesley’s excellent interior design services for several years. InsideOut is so much more than a design service (the emphasis is on service!). Lesley worked patiently and tirelessly on the layout, choice of materials and colour palette while I carefully considered and agonised over the overwhelming options. What did I really want from this kitchen? Elegant, sleek and ergonomic were three words that emerged. Lesley seemed to intuit this (it’s a predominately female trait!) as well as contracting one of the best, if not the best, cabinet-maker in Perth.

    Since anything related to building trades are predominantly a male domain, it was such a relief to have the caring support of a like-minded professional woman – and yes, a shoulder to cry on even, when things got a little stressful. The novelty of cooking dinner on the barbeque in the cold and wet of winter soon wore off after the first week……second week……third week…..as did living with the inevitable dust and grime, the house at times overrun with tradesmen, not forgetting the endless cup of coffee and packets of biscuits that I feel compelled to provide (graciously!). Lesley was the pivot of the project, the cog in the wheel, the communicator, the liaison and especially, my peace of mind. The result speaks for itself. I have the most magnificent kitchen in every aspect – it exudes quality, incomparable craftsmanship as well as careful attention to detail. It is the closest to perfection as is possible.

    Jenny Taylor, Mt Pleasant

    Thanks for the great service Kelly. We think the colours and light fittings will be great.

    Ray Power, Salters Point

    I met Lesley Combes nine years ago when we were in Perth on a house finding weekend in preparation for our move from Melbourne. Initially I walked into her shop while waiting for an “open for inspection” to see if she could give me any idea of how much it would cost to renovate a bathroom, kitchen etc. She was extremely helpful even though there was no guarantee of any work.

    When we moved to Perth and bought our “70’s delight” based on that initial meeting, I called up Lesley for help to completely renovate the inside of the house. Lesley turned out brilliantly and could think outside the square while still taking into consideration our needs. She has access to tradesmen who are easy to have in the house and is prepared to hold your hand when things become overwhelming – which with a renovation at some point they inevitably do.

    When we decided to do the second renovation to update the façade of the house and re-arrange internally what we couldn’t afford to do the first time, I called Lesley. Once again, she had access to professionals who could come up with ideas in areas that she did not have expertise and has made the second renovation a delight to behold.

    So from not having any recommendation to go on other than when we happened to be waiting outside the shop, with Lesley’s ideas and guidance we have transformed our 70’s delight to a modern, well functioning family home that sits just as proudly as all the bowled over and new double storey houses that have been built in our street since we moved in.

    Jenny Smith, Rossmoyne

    We are absolutely delighted with the Interior Design service provided by Kelly Jennings. Her ideas were creative, but also practical with stunning outcomes for both our home and apartment. Also, a very professional result was achieved and within our budget. The service was very efficient and nothing was ever too much trouble. We have received many compliments on the new interior makeover to our two properties and would highly recommend Inside Out Design.

    Janalie Edwards, Rossmoyne